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Inspired Elegance (+ A Bacon Bar!)

Sometimes mixing elements and styles is just the perfect way to go, and that’s exactly what the ‘Inspired Elegance’ photoshoot was all about. Ashley, with Ashley’s Creative Catering, had a vision to mix the glam of chandeliers and crystal with the rustic and organic feeling of wood and metal. And, the result? Magical. Read More

BAST: Cat Furnishings Inspired By Egyptian Mythology

Cat furniture has come a lengthy way in the final couple of years, thanks to designers adding a level of design to its essential function. The latest to put their hat in the ring is Dafit Ashari, of Bali-primarily based design and style firm Studio Tropis, who designed BAST Cat Furniture for the 9 Lives Design and style Show at Singapore Design Week 2017. Read More

Inspired By The Iconic Farnsworth Residence: Modern Texas Property Cloaked In Greenery

A Ludwig Mies van der Rohe masterpiece that has been studied by architects from across the globe for over six decades, the Farnsworth Home delivers a globe of inspiration for experts and style aficionados alike. It is barely a surprise then that the owners of RoadRunner Residence in Austin, Texas wanted a house that was modeled on the iconic construction, right after obtaining fallen in love with it throughout a single of their trips. Set amidst a lush green landscape and a steep hillside, the modern building by North Arrow Studio reflects the scenery that surrounds it in a captivating style. With a flat roof and a silhouette in white, the residence seamlessly combines modernity with timeless design and natural goodness. Read More