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A Sculptural Sofa Inspired By An Old Tailor Shop

When Portuguese designer Rui Alves began function on a sofa for Menu, he remembered his grandfather’s favored tailor shop where he’d watch the tailors huddle over their operate tables and the grey suits getting hung with wooden hangers. As with that old tailor shop, he wanted every little thing out in the open on complete display, which is entirely atypical of most sofa designs. The Tailor Sofa stands out not just for its sculptural shape but because it’s lovely from all angles. Read More

Totally Free Individuals Inspired Engagement Session

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Feb 28, 2017

Cost-free Men and women Inspired Engagement Session

If you really like bohemian, desert inspiration, you will love these engagement photographs on our wedding weblog these days! The Totally free People inspired engagement channels all the free spirited vibes we, and the bride, enjoy of the brand. A Moroccan pouf and Protea bouquet are the ideal props to match the theme. Laura Moll Photography raves about the adventurous session here… Read More

Colorful, Abstract Rugs Inspired By A 1975 Film

I can’t help but adore this collection of rugs from Brooklyn-based Cold Picnic. Even if you do not know the story behind them, they’re beautiful abstract compositions that appear like textured pieces of art for your floors. The Passenger rugs, which take inspiration from the 1975 Michelangelo Antonioni film of the identical name starring Jack Nicholson and Maria Schneider, incorporate aspects of the colors and landscapes observed in the movie. To reflect that, they built giant cardboard box dioramas (48″ x 40″) making worlds based on each and every style of rug. Read More

Biomimicry & Design: Brazilian Architecture Inspired By Rainforest

The word “biomimicry” is derived from two Greek terms: “bios” &#8211 life and “mimesis” — mimicry. This is the sphere of style, which implies the use of organic mechanisms for producing innovative approaches in human life spheres, such as transport, city infrastructure and architecture. This post is committed to a notion retailer “Firma Casa” positioned in the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo. This shop is one of the ideal examples of biomimicry as it is organized on the principle of a tropical forest. Read More