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Block Shop Unveils Collection Of Architecturally Inspired Woodblock Prints

I count myself amongst an currently enthusiastic group of fans of the graphical and fashionable handmade textiles of sister-operated Los Angeles based Block Shop. The brainchild of sisters Hopie and Lily Stockman, Block Shop’s catalog of scarves, pillows, linens, and rugs hit a sweet spot, landing someplace between the hippie-dipped SoCal desert artistry at the moment well-liked with the design cognoscenti and an architectural graphical precision identifiable across their oeuvre. Now they’ve transferred this penchant for architectural motifs imprinted onto fabric over onto a new medium – a collection of woodblock prints intended to beautify our walls. Read More

A Minimalist Table Inspired By Classroom Desks From KROFT

Doodle Table is a minimalist table created by Toronto-based designer Dustin Kroft of KROFT. The designer prides himself in handcrafting pieces with honest components primarily based on a design and style language inspired by the purity that comes from a commitment to purpose and function. Read More

Inspired Elegance (+ A Bacon Bar!)

Sometimes mixing elements and styles is just the perfect way to go, and that’s exactly what the ‘Inspired Elegance’ photoshoot was all about. Ashley, with Ashley’s Creative Catering, had a vision to mix the glam of chandeliers and crystal with the rustic and organic feeling of wood and metal. And, the result? Magical. Read More

BAST: Cat Furnishings Inspired By Egyptian Mythology

Cat furniture has come a lengthy way in the final couple of years, thanks to designers adding a level of design to its essential function. The latest to put their hat in the ring is Dafit Ashari, of Bali-primarily based design and style firm Studio Tropis, who designed BAST Cat Furniture for the 9 Lives Design and style Show at Singapore Design Week 2017. Read More