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A Modern, 12-Year-Old House In The Czech Republic Gets A New Interior

In Humpolec, a small town in the Czech Republic, the Rusty House is a project completed by Luděk Rýzner of OK PLAN ARCHITECTS after the owners decided they wanted to renovate the interior after 12 years of living in it. The house was originally built in 2005 on a small plot of land, which required creative solutions to make it work. The original design called for raw materials, like polished concrete floors, an exposed galvanized steel structure, concrete-covered corrugated sheet metal on the ceiling, smooth concrete walls, and an exterior clad in pre-rusted sheet metal (CorTen), for a modern, industrial look that blended in with the neighborhood thanks to the green landscaping. Over time, the owners decided they wanted to scale back on the raw, industrial look a bit on the main floor, while softening other areas throughout. Read More