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How To Start Your Own Home Primarily Based Interior Design And Style Enterprise

When I started my house based interior style enterprise in Moscow I was operating around like a chicken without having head trying to figure out how to make it profitable and uncover my customers. I in no way run a enterprise before so I knew really small about how factors operate and lost so a lot time and income investing them in items which have been completely useless for me. The first year was the hardest one specifically because I had to deal with my personal fears and self-doubts. Read More

The Greatest Color Schemes For Interior Design

Color has the power to completely change your home. Just like our choices in clothing, furniture, and books, color expresses and effects who we are. It has a tremendous impact on how you feel in your home and the way it presents itself to visitors. Read More

Dream Country Home Interior In Scandinavian & English Style

A young family couple with a new-born kid was dreaming about getting a cozy nest close to the nature. And the interior was supposed to be inviting for rest and serenity and letting totally feel and appreciate the comfort of living in the countryside. But it is a single thing to create a house from scratch. And it is one more factor to be in a position to rebuild and turn an old frame of logs to advantage. And that is exactly what the masters wanted to do: they had an old 5-walled log residence with a vintage masonry heater that they wanted to restore and preserve. To make all their dreams come accurate, the architect put an extension to the old home and organized there an entry room and an open-idea living room and kitchen. Also, she added an attic with a bedroom, a stroll-in closet, a bathroom and a tiny lounge. Read More