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10 Unhackneyed Ways To Add Bright Colors To Interiors

Colorful curtains, couch pillows, rugs, posters, chairs… Practically anyone has heard about  these ways to add a splash of color to an interior without major repairs. Still, one always wants to try something new, especially when all the above mentioned options have already been put to good use. Perhaps, not even once… So, today we’d like to show you another 10 powerful tools to introduce a note of bright color to your autumn interior. Read More

Introducing The New Interiors Addict Podcast!

We’ve been wanting to launch a podcast for some time and today we’re delighted to share our very first episode! I’m so pleased with the content of this first one, where I interview James Treble from Ten’s The Living Room and Andrew Stenos, managing director of Sydney’s Integriti Bathrooms. You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about renovating bathrooms: what’s involved, how much it costs, why it costs that much, how to do a cosmetic upgrade on a budget, the biggest trends and more. Read More