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Interview: The Lady Passionate About Creating Mini Interiors

When Julia Valka came across a few dolls residence Instagram pages 18 months ago, it inspired her to renovate a dolls house for her daughter, Emily. Small did she know it would bring back an almost forgotten childhood dream of possessing 1 of her personal. &#8220Having grown up in a poor Eastern European nation we barely had bread to place on the table, let alone toys and other fairly things.&#8221 And she now spends her spare time making miniature creations for other folks&#8217s dolls homes. Read More

25 Cheerful Yellow Bathroom Interiors

Yellow is the color of the sun that we lack so considerably, especially in winter. If up to know you haven’t dared to let it in to your interior, this cold January day is the very best time. And what can be better for sunny yellow than a bathroom – a place exactly where our power enhance begins in the morning? We have collected 25 genuine life examples of yellow bathroom interiors in different combinations and would like to share them with you. Read More