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The Layers: Serene Rustic Retreat With Stone Walls Blends Into The Landscape

There comes a point in everyone’s life when the rush of urban life begins to put on you down and all these miles over the years start off to take a toll on each your physique and thoughts. Created as a second home for an elderly couple that lives in Seoul, The Layers offers a secluded and comfy retreat that blends a rustic exterior with polished, modern interior. An OBBA creation, this fabulous house is set at the foot of a mountain variety and overlooks a massive water reservoir that is just a stone’s throw away. With a fruit and vegetable garden on 1 side and a curated landscape on the other, this is a residence that is all about reconnecting with nature! Read More

Copper Bathtubs: Turning Your Bathroom Into An Antique Paradise

Copper has always had an antique appeal that gives the room a time-tested vintage character. The rough bronze look will make it a centerpiece in a bathroom of any style! It has the charm that easily impresses everyone, but lovers of all-things-rustic will be able to appreciate it even more. If you are dreaming of soaking in a vintage bathtub that takes you into another era, copper bathtubs are the perfect thing for you! Read More

Ingenious Plywood Partitions And Drapes Turn Apartment Into Workspace

Transforming an ordinary urban apartment into a unique and space-savvy workspace, Andrey Andreev and Petya Nikolova, founders of Another Studio, showcase how all it requires is a dash of creativity and bespoke solutions to reimagine interiors. Nestled in Sofia, the new workspace relies on a series of plywood partitions that also hold shelves, cupboards and nifty cabinets to delineate space while providing a multitude of show and storage alternatives. The bespoke partitions were placed by removing the current internal walls, permitting for a much more open and fluid operate environment that strikes a balance among privacy and interactive zones. Read More