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10 Shades Of Green That Will Make You Want To Incorporate Green Hues Into Your Home

One of the least colors used in a home is the color green. Although it is a vibrant and bold shade that happens to be nature’s favorite hue many are a bit intimidated by it. Furthermore, many will argue that there just isn’t a good way to utilize green in the home without the color appearing too aggressive. The truth is the color green can be a great accent color when it is utilized properly and mixed in with other hues to give it the spotlight it deserves. Here are 10 shades of green that are sure to make you want to find areas to incorporate green hues into your residence. Read More

How To Bring Minimalism Into Christmas

Minimalist Christmas tips

The lovilee Studio Melissa Louise agreed to write a custom advice post with some tips on how to bring minimalism into Christmas. I am super chuffed that she agreed (As I secretly have a crush on everything she puts her hands to). Her kitchen make-over was also the inspiration behind some of what I did […] Read More

This Fukushima Vacation Home Taps Into Sustainable Design Practices

A holiday home surrounded by snow-filled slopes and a majestic mountain outside the window is a place where we would all love to spend our next vacation! It is precisely this picture-perfect elegance that the One Year Project offers as it sits snugly at the foot of Mt. Bandai in Fukushima, Japan. The lovely retreat is made completely out of wood that was harvested from the site, ensuring that both the cost and the ecological impact are kept down to a bare minimum. Once the project was done, trees were planted around the house on stilts to ensure that the forest around it is replenished over time. A Life Style Koubou design, it is a fabulous suspension bridge that connects the two units of the escape. Read More

Chrismas Time: 5 Tips On How To Bring The Festive Spirit Into Your Bathroom

Although many of us start shopping and planning for Christmas pretty much as soon as Halloween is done for, the beginning of December is the time when the so-called Christmas decorating fever really starts kicking in. You get your strings of lights, boxes full of ornaments, wreaths, stockings and whatnot out of the storage, buy a Chrismas tree, and start decorating! For an even more cozy and festive atmosphere, you might get some warm plaid blankets for your daybed, light a few seasonal scented candles, or make your own fragrant arrangement with citrus peels, cinnamon, and cloves. However, a room even the most Pinterest-crazy of us forget about when it comes to seasonal decorating is the bathroom. It seems like there’s not much you can tweak about your bathroom without making it look tacky – but we’re here to prove that wrong. Read More