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This Posh Austin Condo Features A Dining Table That Morphs Into Pool Table!

Built to cater to the specific needs of a family of four, W Residence in Downtown Austin is unique in more ways than one. A dashing, dynamic and custom interior crafted by Christopher Sanders of Sanders Architecture with the help of Cravotta Interiors, this exquisite 3,150-square foot condo is now home to a family who previously enjoyed the tranquility and easy-paced life of suburban Austin. The move to a more bustling, urban neighborhood meant that the new interior needed to be a calming and convenient refuge that took them away from the constant rush of city life even while showcasing the glittering skyline of Austin! Read More

How To Incorporate The Latest Trend Velvet Into Your Home

This season the hottest and latest trend happens to be velvet. Velvet has come a very long way and is now becoming one of this years must have décor item for the home. The good news when it comes to the velvet trend is that it is quite easy to incorporate into any area of your home. In fact, velvet comes in multiple different colors and textures which makes it exceptionally versatile. Another great aspect of velvet is that it adds a touch of regal elegance anywhere it is placed. The following are a few ways you can incorporate velvet into your home. Read More

29 Ways To Incorporate Antlers Into Your Wedding

ways to incorporate antlers into your wedding cover

Antlers are cool natural decorations that you can use for your wedding in lots of different ways. Antlers fit woodland, rustic, boho, mountain weddings, and they are naturally beautiful – no additional decor is required. Let’s have a look how to incorporate antlers into your wedding decor to make them look cool and eye-catchy. Read More

A Closer Look Into Morilee By Madeline Gardner

Madeline Gardner, also known as the queen of ballgowns, has made quite the impact on the bridal industry. To get insight of where her stunning designs come from, we sat down with Madeline, designer of Morilee by Madeline Gardner, to chat bridal trends, inspiration and get words of advice. Read our exclusive interview while scrolling through some of her stunning designs from her Fall 2017 collection. Read More