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Aging Home In Sao Paulo Transformed Into A Stunning Brazilian Furniture Store

A spacious, yet old home nestled on a lush green lot in Sao Paulo is the setting for Dpot’s latest and most beautiful store in all of Brazil. Dpot, a brand that was created by Sergio Buchpiguel in 1969 is at the forefront of creating world-class contemporary Brazilian furniture and this gorgeous space is the stage that showcases their latest décor pieces. Transformed into a beautiful and unique store from an old and closed residence by Isay Weinfeld, the new interior is open to the serene garden outside on the lower level. Building and soil constraints meant that the store had to be crafted using smart renovation techniques instead of a complete overhaul. Read More

Classic Californian Bungalow Transformed Into Two Modern Family Homes

There are times when old structures are altered ever so slightly to accommodate changing lifestyles and modern needs. Then there are occasions when it needs to give way to new homes on the same lot because of dramatically altered needs. Having already lived in a Californian bungalow on the same lot for over 40 years, the owners of Washington Avenue Townhouses wanted two new homes replacing their aged residence. One of the two wonderful homes was to become the residence for the parents while the larger house in the rear needed to accommodate their son and his young family. Pandolfini Architects stepped in to offer the necessary solution! Read More

1895 Victorian Reimagined Into Light-filled Modern Home In California

traditional kitchenThis stunning 1890s Victorian renovation project was historically preserved by Ken Linsteadt Architects, located in Larkspur, a city in Marin County, California. The architects wished to respect and preserve the history of this old traditional style home, which called for a series of skillful moves both inside and out. Due to its historic designation in Larkspur, the front facade of the […] Read More

Exquisite Kids’ Rooms That Tap Into The Beauty Of Edison Bulbs

For the avid design aficionado, the hot trend that glorifies the use of Edison bulbs in interior decorating is nothing new. Even if you have not really given this cool lighting fixture any special attention in recent times, 2018’s first half will force you to notice it at its splendid best! Having already showcased some of the most captivating inspirations that involve the Edison bulb, today we turn our attention to kids’ rooms that utilize this classic bulb in a contemporary and fashionable manner. Read More

Channeling LA Vibes With This La La Land Wedding Inspiration (aka Dublin Turned Into LA!)

Channeling LA vibes with this La La Land wedding inspiration (aka Dublin turned into LA!) Photos by Olga Hogan Photography

Still thinking about the style, tunes, and chemistry of the film La La Land? So are we! And so was this team of wedding vendors who wanted to channel LA style all the way in Dublin. Yep, it’s an Ireland-based La La Land wedding inspiration shoot that channels the colors, whimsy, and gorgeous look of the movie. Let’s hear from the photographer about the shoot… Read More