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Turning Your Living Room Into The Ultimate Modern Space

If you could only choose one space in your home to decorate and make it the center of your home, you would probably choose your living room. The reason behind this is the living room is pretty much considered the center of the home. In fact, decorating your living room first can help you decide what concept you should use for the rest of the home. Read More

Sail Into The Sunset With These Gorgeous Weddings

When is the best time of day to schedule your outdoor wedding ceremony? At sunset, of course! It is the most romantic time of the day, and the most ideal time to say your “I do’s!” Plus, your wedding photos will turn out amazing! Don’t believe us? Just check out these stunning sunset wedding images we’ve rounded up from some of our favorite vendors. Get ready to fall in love – and prepare to plan your ceremony for the magical golden hour! Enjoy Read More

Adaptive Reuse Of 19th Century Building Into A Dynamic Modern Office

Finding new function for old and weary spaces in need of an urgent upgrade is a task that demands a careful consideration of existing constraints and creativity that lets you work past those limitations. Sitting atop a 19th Century building near the Flatiron Building in New York, this ingenious and striking office was designed by GRT Architects to accommodate a budding UX design firm without completely ignoring the unique past of the structure. The 950-square-foot office with ‘sawtooth ceiling’ and skylight is filled with ample natural light and houses a working kitchen, multi-functional workspaces and a nap room that also doubles as a client meeting area. Read More

Retro-modern Details Infused Into Restored Barcelona Apartment

Retro-Modern Apartment-Egue y Seta-01-1 KindesignReformed from the top down, this beautiful house in Barcelona, Spain, spotted on Mi Casa, maintains its noble essence with dazzling interior design and architecture and great distribution of spaces. Interior designers Daniel Pérez & Felipe Araujo, from the studio Egue y Seta were in charge of the project, transforming the home completely while still preserving some of […] Read More

Nocturnal Nature: 6 Ways To Turn Your Patio Into A Comfortable After-Dark Alcove

An evening spent outdoors in your very own outdoor alcove can be as relaxing and fulfilling as any bar or fancy hotel outdoor space you’ve ever been to. Getting your outdoor area into shape so that you can enjoy long evenings alfresco is another matter. How do you make sure your area is comfortable climatically, and how can you make sure pests and other issues are kept to a minimum? Read More