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Cool Ways To Bring Velvet Decor Into Your Home

Everything that was once old is now new when it comes to décor. This is the year of bringing back traditional pieces and expanding on the idea of making them a main feature in the home. Which brings us to one of the best trends- Velvet. The traditional fabric is coming back with a vengeance and making a statement in traditional homes. The following are cool ways to add velvet to your décor. Read More

Z House: Expansive Israeli Home Flows Into Beautiful Landscape Outside!

Nature is thankfully once again becoming a big part of modern home design with eco-conscious homeowners willing to sacrifice bright city lights for rustic tranquility. The Z House in Israel is one such beautiful contemporary residence where the house itself meanders its way through the landscape and becomes one with the world outside. It is a symbiotic relationship between architecture and nature; one complements the other and does so in an organic fashion. A lovely walkway through the large garden adds another layer of charm with the living area flowing into the deck and pool space. Read More

DIY Breakfast And Serving Trays To Bring More Comfort Into Your Life

We always tend to emphasize on the fact that it is the little joys of life that end up making a big difference. You might overlook them, feel that they are far too trivial and in the rush of daily life, they get lost all too quickly. But it feels nice when we can pause things a little and take in these little delights. Breakfast in bed is undoubtedly one of these ‘tiny joys’ we all adore and it need not be limited to Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day alone. And making it more of a reality and a far more regular affair are DIY breakfast and serving trays! Read More

A Lakeside Holiday House Nestled Into The Steep Hillside

Sky House is a holiday home nestled into the steep land on the edge of Stoney Lake in Canada. It was designed by Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster as two rectangular volumes, one cantilevered on top of the other, with the upper one bridging itself over the lower one. Read More