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Mikey: Innovative Countertop Robot & Personal Kitchen Assistant

Can you envision a private assistant, who knows what foodstuffs you have in your refrigerator now, who is ready to come up with recipes of dishes that you can cook from these foodstuffs, who will tell you how to make these dishes and show you detailed pictures and videos of each step of the cooking method and will meanwhile preheat your oven, program your subsequent day, tell you the climate forecast and latest news and play your favorite music? It sounds like a fantasy, does not it? But we are glad to announce you that such an assistant already exists and his name is Mikey. Read More

LivingKitchen 2017 Evaluation: Ideal Of International Kitchen Show In Cologne

German kitchen furnishings and equipment business is rightfully deemed to be a single of the most strong in the planet. That’s almost certainly why the most critical international kitchen show requires place in this quite country, in the city of Cologne. Is it just an exhibition of kitchen furniture and appliances? No. This is namely a kitchen show – an occasion that sets and demonstrates important trends of kitchen interior design for the whole year. This exhibition is held to show the globe the goods and innovations developed by both national and foreign manufacturers, and thereby produce new concepts for additional kitchen interior design and style development. Read More

Create A Kitchen Island With Pantry Storage

If you have a tiny kitchen, yet want to make the most of the restricted space that you have, and then this concept will be brilliant for you. Producing a mobile kitchen island will certainly save you a lot of space, whilst getting a multipurpose piece of furniture. Such an island is exceptionally cool as it can be effortlessly moved around in the kitchen and can redecorate anytime required. Read More