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Summer Kitchen Trends: 30 Ideas And Inspirations For A Cheerful Makeover

There are trends that fade away and reappear once in a while. Then there are those that last beyond a season or two and last for a generation. With summer here, many of us yearn for a quick kitchen makeover that gives it a breezier, refreshing vibe with summery charm. There are plenty of ways in which you can give a modern kitchen that much needed ‘summer flavor’, but the last few months have seen a few clear hot favorites emerged, making a big impact in homes across the planet. From ideas which bring nature and landscape indoors to those that add a blast of vivacious color, this is a look at the top summer kitchen decorating trends for the year! Read More

Bobby Berk Designs A Modern Art Deco + Scandinavian Kitchen

If you don’t know who Bobby Berk is, it’s time to get acquainted. The talented product and interior designer has had retail shops around the country, appeared on TV, in magazines, has designed furniture and decor and everything in between, and is now lighting up Netflix as the design expert in the Queer Eye reboot (which is fabulous, heart-warming and highly recommended!). While our history with Bobby goes way, way back, we were able to catch him for a few moments in between premiere events and talk shows to learn more about his fun new project with Corian® Design. Read More

Small Kitchen Trends That Help Brighten The Space

Traditionally kitchens tend to come with multiple different areas that we all wish we could improve, some of them have little to no cabinetry, and others have limited space. Having limited space in your kitchen can put a damper on your décor. However, when done correctly, your small kitchen can become the perfect location for entertaining and dining festivities. The following small kitchen trends will help brighten your space without taking any extra added space. Read More