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The Five Areas To Improve During A Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations are one of the best ones to undertake. Not only is the kitchen where the heart of your home is, but it also provides a lot of value back. Getting your kitchen redesign right, however, is crucial. You want your kitchen to flow correctly, have all the appliances that you need, be made of quality materials, have enough storage, and, of course, you want it to be stunning. These five aspects are the key areas you need to focus on to make sure that you have a successful kitchen renovation: Read More

11 DIY Storage Ideas For The Small And Space-Savvy Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of every home and while those sparkling kitchens in catalogs and magazines look absolutely amazing, most of us simply are not blessed enough with all that space and pizazz! This means an endless struggle to keep the small kitchen clutter-free and constant search for space-savvy solutions that create a more organized space. This is where DIY storage ideas can come in pretty handy. Homemade kitchen shelving and cabinets offer multiple advantages that go way beyond store-bought décor. You can craft DIY kitchen storage units that perfectly fit into the style, theme and available space of your kitchen and do so on a budget! Read More

3 Aussie Kitchen Designers Win Big On The International Stage

How’s this for an Aussie success story?! Three prominent Australian designers have won big at the global Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest in San Diego, California. With only 10 global winners, Australians took home 30% of the awards… Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi! Read More

Five Tips For Creating An Award-Winning Kitchen

The average price for a 200-square-foot kitchen remodel in 2017 is more than \$37,000. (Here’s a fun/scary calculator where you can play with the numbers.) That’s the average. So before you begin ripping out cabinets, it makes sense to know what you’re in for. And who better to ask for kitchen remodel tips and features to keep in mind, than the global winners of the Sub-Zero and Wolf 2015-2016 Kitchen Design Contest? Ten global winners were selected out of more than 1,500 entries and with cash prizes totaling \$113,000; competition was fierce. We asked a few of our favorite winners for their tips and tricks for creating a beautiful, modern kitchen that also functions for your family. Read More

22 Farmhouse-Inspired Kitchen Storage Ideas

Farmhouse style is the popular kitchen decorating trend of this days because of its shabby chic accents mixed with simple and natural features. If you are looking forward to have a kitchen with farmhouse style, you don’t need to do big renovation for your kitchen, just insert into it some fun farmhouse-inspired storage projects. That’s […]

This post 22 Farmhouse-Inspired Kitchen Storage Ideas Read More