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7 Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Styles

Non-trivial kitchen backsplashes grow to be increasingly popular and gradually replace their neutral and monochrome predecessors. We decided to show you seven backsplash tips from the most recent interior design projects. Read More

Cozy Italian-Style Veranda Design With A Small Kitchen

Having a contemporary and functional kitchen in a summer time cottage is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Designing a “seasonal” kitchen on a shoestring, but so that it was a match for your city one particular is really simple – all you require is some imagination… Read More

Produce Some Further Comfort With These 40 Kitchen Rugs

It doesn&#8217t matter if you&#8217ve got tile, hardwood or marble, you&#8217ll want to add a plus spot someplace in the kitchen to keep those feet cozy. Near the island or the sink, spot one thing plush below your toes exactly where you do your most operate and add some texture. Produce some extra comfort with these 40 kitchen rugs under! Read More

How To Bring 5 Star Luxury Into Your Residence Kitchen

If you have ever been to a swanky house and marvelled at the opulence of the kitchen, you are not alone. We have all completed it run our fingers over pristine marble counters, waltzed about the open floorplan and wished it could be the same at property. Well, the very good news is that, with a little bit of creativity, wishes can grow to be a reality. Read More