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50 Small Apartment Living Rooms With The Best Space-Saving Ideas

Space – there is plenty of it around in the universe and science will tell you that almost 99 percent of it is empty. Yet, we are constantly in search for ways in which we can maximize space within the four walls of our own home! It is a perplexing aspect of life and every week we come across various designs and ideas that aim to give your limited home a more spacious and cheerful vibe even while being aesthetic. But today we take this a step further by looking at the 50 best small apartment living rooms from across the world and understanding what we can borrow from these innovative and exciting spaces. Read More

Touch Of Regal Exclusivity: Living Room Cabinets With Sophisticated Panache

We spend most of our day worrying about ways in which we can make our home that extra bit more special, better and unique. We think about how to maximize space, add new colors and bring in the hottest trends of the season without going overboard. But then there are times when we give ourselves a moment to indulge in the finest; by admiring décor that is just lavish and world-class! Today we do so with a few cabinets that look as impressive in the living room as they do in the dining room and bring a whole lot of sophistication along with an air of royalty. These cabinets will simply blow you away with their sense of opulence and finesse even while combining timeless aura with distinct modernity. Read More

Living The Simple Life In A Fully Renovated 120 Square Foot Camper

camper-exteriorA family of five purchased a 31 foot 2003 Cougar Keystone camper for just \$8,000, taking just three weeks and just under \$3,000 to renovate. The backstory on this tiny home on wheels: a couple with three children sold their five-bedroom home and purchased land to build their future dream home. They discovered it would […] Read More

15 Floating TV Stands For Your Modern Living Room

You’ve heard of floating shelves before, right? Well, did you know that there are floating TV stands too? They’ll jazz up your modern living room and help to transform the space into a contemporary awakening. If you want to free up room or create something extraordinary, go with one of these entertainment centers that save space and stays within that same fashion-forward vision. Read More

Our 20 Favorite Ideas For Outdoor Living Spaces

One area of the home to come the furthest in terms of design over the years is the outdoor living space. These were once just spaces to place a patio furniture set and maybe a grill. But these days, people are including televisions, entire kitchens (including the kitchen sink) and dining areas fit for a restaurant. Many outdoor living spaces have fire pits that are works of art, and sometimes even full fireplaces. So if you’re ready to update your outdoor living space in a big way, take a look at the inspiring photos below. You might just find an idea for your next backyard remodel. Read More