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5 World’s Narrowest Houses For Comfortable Living

For most of us the phrase “an ideal house” conjures up images of large spaces. Possibly, a two- or 3-floor cottage with several rooms and an enfilade, where we could ride a bicycle. But nonetheless there are folks, who feel like living in spaces that are too narrow even for putting a big comfy arm-chair. Do not think? Properly, check this out! Read More

Navy Blue Living Area Tips

The living area is the ‘heart’ of the house, the space exactly where we welcome close friends and relatives, but also the family members get-with each other-and-have-exciting room. In either case, the interior design of this particular residential location requirements a colour palette that inspires serenity, calm and comfort, but one particular that can impress and make a statement. Read More

Modern House Made For Indoor/Outdoor California Living

humn lab+ was commissioned to design and style a new residence in Los Angeles’ Pacific Palisades neighborhood and with its Southern California place, indoor/outdoor living was a priority. The exterior pairs a smooth black finish on the second story with warm wooden planks installed horizontally for a visually dynamic street presence. Spanning just more than 5,000 square feet, the property includes five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms making it the ideal household house, especially with its close proximity to the beach. Read More

Naturalistic Yellow-and-Green Living Area With Summer Season Mood

Numerous countries may boast obtaining Tv-shows that make frequent people’s dreams about perfect interior styles come correct. This post will inform you a story of such an interior, produced by a popular Tv-channel for a loved ones loving summer season, warmth, the sun and greenery most of all. They let a skilled designer team decorate their living room. Let’s take a closer look at the result! Read More