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The Antonio Remedy: A Peek Into Ballatore’s LA Loft

Awesome LA Loft Interior Design

HGTV Design and style Star Season 4 winner Antonio Ballatore pulls no punches in the irreverent, iconoclastic and exclusive design and style of his downtown LA loft. From a fully DIY reclaimed wood kitchen with a bright lipstick-pink feature wall to a lounge area pinball machine and custom built sectional, Ballatore betrays a brazen contempt for the mundane in the presentation of his 3,300 square feet residence.

Awesome LA Loft Interior Design and style 2

Anachronistic Modern day Loft Living

Sharing living space with a 6 year old british bulldog, Ballatore draws heavily upon his fifteen years of knowledge in set style to manifest his personality all through his residence. A walking tour via the higher ceilinged rooms of this idiosyncratic pet project offers a wealth of insight into his personal life, represented by means of a surfeit of antiques, gifts, artwork, and more intimate displays such as funeral cards and mementos of previous lovers portraying a surprisingly candid individual insight. Continue reading