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Sensational Grace Loves Lace ICON 2018 Collection For The Modern Bride

Talk about iconic! These brilliant Grace Loves Lace wedding dresses from newly launched ICON 2018 Collection are perfection for the modern bride. The fresh collection is inspired by the most legendary and influential females from past and present, and includes an impressive range of daring and adventurous designs. “The range plays to the strengths of Grace Loves Lace — comfortable fits, effortless silhouettes and unexpected fabric combinations. Each dress is treated like a work of art and tells a unique story.” ICON was made to celebrate women and their bodies, their characters and their own ideas of what a bride should be. The gowns themselves are down right stunning with texture and comfortability to maintain confidence. The full skirts play to the strength of curvy shapes while artistic trims add drama the the classic Grace Loves Lace layering structure. Intricate details like metallic beading, iridescent threading and garden embroidery keep us on our toes with more eye-catching details than we realize at first sight. These dreamy, down-to-earth gowns don’t sacrifice style for comfort; they push the boundaries for creativity that still nods to bridal tradition. Grace Loves Lace wedding dresses continue to blow us away, and we’re loving every part of this ICON Collection concept. Scroll down to explore the gorgeous works of art! Read More

Bobby Berk Designs A Modern Art Deco + Scandinavian Kitchen

If you don’t know who Bobby Berk is, it’s time to get acquainted. The talented product and interior designer has had retail shops around the country, appeared on TV, in magazines, has designed furniture and decor and everything in between, and is now lighting up Netflix as the design expert in the Queer Eye reboot (which is fabulous, heart-warming and highly recommended!). While our history with Bobby goes way, way back, we were able to catch him for a few moments in between premiere events and talk shows to learn more about his fun new project with Corian® Design. Read More

Sliding Partitions And Indoor Garden Transform This Modern Singapore Apartment

Finding space to create a more spacious house within the confines of an urban apartment is a task that feels almost impossible. It is not just about smart, space-savvy solutions that help with keeping away clutter. One also needs to also create visual space that gives the interior the aura of a full-fledged home and Nitton Architects accomplishes this with the House in a Flat as a 110 square meter flat is turned into a beautiful house with few internal partitions and no rigid walls. The renovation focuses both on aesthetics and ergonomics with fluidity between one area and the next as a neutral color scheme creates a soothing backdrop without visual fragmentation. Read More

Inspired By Ocean Cruisers: Modern Apartment In Wood, Turquoise And Marble

Life inside a luxurious yacht or cruiser can be amazing indeed and for the privileged few who have enjoyed it, the desire to be back on waves again is ever-present. Bringing the lavish lifestyle on waves to a contemporary apartment in Taipei, Taiwan is Ahead Concept Design and they transformed a normal apartment into one that oozes sophistication that feels curated and unique. The interior of this exclusive home is anything but mundane with lighting creating an ambiance that is dark, dashing and perfect for those who love the appeal of a Gentleman’s Club! But it is the details that truly give this apartment a personality of its own! Read More

Uniquely Indoor Staircase Designs Modern Spiral Staircase Designs Inspirations

The structure of these metallic spiral staircase constructions were look powerful and quite strong to hold up the human body. The structure of this metal construction was indicating both modern and futuristic plans of the designer. We can see the step up line of this staircase that completed with the hand holder on the side line. The minimalist look also can be seen in this home appliance so that the complete inspiration of modern and futuristic will be completed with minimalist thought of this appliance. There was also the uniquely indoor staircase designs that furnished by flooring painting of cards. We can see directly into this page that the artistic style of the designer can be seen through the colorful and aristocratic style of the card. The hand holder of this staircase was covered with green plants so that here we can see both eco-living and functional were combining in one appliance. Through looking up these powerful home staircase ideas, now we were already get the whole ideas of this appliance and as a real example, we were allowed to see white huge home appliance inspirations. Read More