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Converse Launches The Chuck Modern Day Colors Collection

Converse continues their Chuck Modern day Collection with the unveiling of Chuck Modern day Colors, the third installment exactly where they take a look back on the brand’s iconic 108-year old history as a way to envision the future. Bringing today’s technological innovations to the legendary sneakers, they’ve developed a contemporary and lightweight style that is the excellent addition to the Chuck Taylor All Star household. Read More

Modern Apartment Styles With Calm Interior Landscape

This cool and comfy living room apartment was completed with enormous comfy sofa furniture and the good combination of wooden material for virtually the entire flooring space of this apartment. Through these landscaping we can see the great mixture of both modern day and classical tips of a living space. The contemporary style of this building was come from the style, interior, and furnishings suggestions whilst the classical taste was come from the employing of material particularly for the flooring space. The contemporary wooden kitchen concepts had been entirely use wood material for each interior and kitchen table of this space. Making use of a modern stool bar, we can see a match combination of classical and modern day taste. Specifically for each of these super comfy bedroom plans and handsome bathroom furnishing landscape, we can see an integration idea of these spaces. The white interior becomes the main point of these spaces and both furniture and appliance of these spaces was use the similar notion too. Perfectly, these calm apartment interior inspirations were supplied by the dazzling luxury apartment designs.[via] Read More

Serve It Bright: 15 Ways To Add Colour To Your Modern Dining Space

The idea of a contemporary dining space usually conjures up images of a neutral setting where color is scarce and clean, straight lines develop a sophisticated space. With the dining space increasingly becoming just an extension of the living area, most home owners want a refined, contemporary dining region that can visually blend in with the open plan living. But this does not imply you have to sacrifice on color totally. Your dining space can nevertheless stay as classy, modern and curated as ever and a alter of style is definitely not a have to. Read More