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20 Dashing Modern Industrial Décor Finds

Love modern-industrial design? So do we; and the increasing number of townhouse and loft renovations across the world are only adding to the craze. Exposed brick walls in the living room, a touch of jaded metallic magic in the bedroom or even raw, concrete finish in the bathroom are no longer considered unsophisticated. With this new found love for distressed finishes and rough surfaces, there has been a spurt in décor that combines modern ergonomics with trendy industrial aesthetics. It is a marriage of form and functionality that delivers everything you need with an edgy, industrial vibe. Read More

Sussex Street House: Steel And Timber-Framed Modern Suburban Home

Not every modern home needs to be about an extraordinary design solution that sets it apart from the rest. At times, the best home is one that just responds the specific features of the landscape it sits in and the needs of the homeowner. Set in the quiet suburb of Maylands, Australia, the Sussex Street House epitomizes this understated and elegant look of a modern family home. Conjured up and brought to life by Mountford Architects, the small and space-conscious residence was designed to maximize light even while creating a free-flowing and relaxing interior. Read More

Michaelis Boyd Highlights Dutch And Modern Design At The Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam

Architecture practice Michaelis Boyd seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to designing luxe interiors for hotels, mixing traditional with modern design (like their previous project, The Williamsburg Hotel). Its newest hospitality project lies across the pond at the Kimpton de Witt Hotel in Amsterdam, the Kimpton Hotels’ first destination outside of the US. The hotel takes on a playful but architecturally-driven design aesthetic, with contemporary lounges and lobby spaces you’ll want to inhabit outside of your impeccably designed guest rooms. Read More

Lorimer Street Townhouse: Light, White And Modern Industrial Panache

Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn is home to some of the most gorgeous and authentic townhouses you will ever come across and each one of them has a story to tell. With changing times, needs and aesthetics, homeowners are increasingly turning towards smart renovations to give these classic townhouses a modern sheen. The fabulous Lorimer Street Townhouse showcases one such beautiful transformation as an old and dark three-story townhouse was turned into a light-filled, inviting home by Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design. The new loft-like interior combines industrial elements with contemporary sheen to deliver the best of both worlds. Read More

Super Modern Loft Designs With Surprising Black And White Interior

These spacious terrace space inspirations were rob the small space of this house that was located on the rooftop space of the home and usually called as penthouse terrace. The simple application of this terrace was places on the availability of the furniture and the plaint landscaping of the space itself. Directly we were be able to see the condition of this loft and the inspiring character of this place. This wooden floating staircase project was uses as the direct link from the first floor of this loft to the next floor of this living space. in the second floor of this place we were be able to see the creative round bed set layouts with minimal style and comfortable atmosphere. Look at this super modern kitchen decor that was covered with the glossy style of kitchen interior and the minimal kitchen appliance. Need an entertaining space? These white lights entertainment room ideas were the right answer for us. We can try to make this entertainment room being real for us. This luxury black and white bathroom becomes the real sample for us to looking out the real construction of these surprising black and white loft designs.[via] Read More