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Modern Urban Apartment Designs With Outstanding Room Landscape Inspirations

The white low living room designs landscape in this page was completed with low marble living room table decor. Probably several of us were feeling strange with this application since the design was close with the flooring system of this living room. We can see clearly through this page that the designer already smartly combines with the huge space so those events the living room apply low furniture but the space still enough for those who have big body. Furthermore, this space also can for more than one family so that if we want to invite our friends to come, we don’t have to be worry about the availability of the space. Close to this living room were the modern vintage kitchen space ideas that use the concept of classy in mid-modern contemporary combination. We can see through the interior, furniture and the landscape view of this space. Practicality, we can apply the concept of these handsome urban residence inspirations through see the whole process of outstanding urban apartment imaginations from our mind.[via] Read More

1895 Victorian Reimagined Into Light-filled Modern Home In California

traditional kitchenThis stunning 1890s Victorian renovation project was historically preserved by Ken Linsteadt Architects, located in Larkspur, a city in Marin County, California. The architects wished to respect and preserve the history of this old traditional style home, which called for a series of skillful moves both inside and out. Due to its historic designation in Larkspur, the front facade of the […] Read More

Modern IKEA Office Furniture Planer 2011

Having one of these latest IKEA workspace organizations 2011 probably were suitable for us and will make us feeling full of spirit for work. The workspace inspiration that we can see in this site was come from the latest design from the most famous company in this world. The performance of this furniture was great and the function of this furniture was maximal. We can apply this furniture series for our home workspace or for our office space. Just choose the right one and place based on our pleasure. The nice side table workspace applications were usually call as corner table or sectional table since the design of this desk was follow the design of the space. This desk was recommended for those who want to make their home looks space saving and maximize their spacious home space. Through looking out these modish IKEA furniture inspirations, we were already tried to give the best space for our self. The most important thing from having something was comfortable feeling. So, we have to be feeling comfortable if we want to be maximal in both work and socialize. Alright guys don’t hesitate to come here and see the complete design of modern futuristic IKEA furniture planer.[via] Read More

5 Influential Women In The World Of Modern Design

We’ve celebrated women all month long in our Friday Five column in honor of Women’s History month, but we didn’t want it to end there. While design has long been a male-dominated field, we’re finally seeing the balance shift with more and more notable women not just entering the arena, but taking over and permanently cementing their names in history. Today, we’re taking a look at five influential women in the world of modern design who deserve to be household names. Read More

Modern + Minimalist Maine Wedding Inspiration

Maine’s Cliff House provided the inspiration for this modern and minimalist inspiration shoot designed by Field Floral Design. The venue provided so many textures, with its marble bar, white subway-tiled walls, and patterned wood floors, and this shoot brings together the beauty of the cliffside surroundings with sleek details such as ultra-shiny black plates, smooth white linens, teak vessels, and minimalist florals in shades of lilac and garnet. Edgy details, such as a charcoal bridal veil, were just a bit out of the ordinary, accentuating the chic aesthetic. Understated, sans-serif stationery from Little Yellow Leaf and a smooth, fondant cake by Lisa Parker Cakes completed the setting. Each image captured on film by Jordan Brittley Photography is magical! Read More