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Inspired By A Cherished Past: Georgica Close Residence With A Refined Modern Form

Designed originally in the 1960’s by one of the disciples of Marcel Breuer, Georgica Close in East Hampton is a home that has plenty of nostalgic and sentimental value to its owners. Post the storm surge created by Hurricane Sandy, much of the original home was extensively damaged and Bates Masi Architects were brought it to create a new residence for the family that borrowed heavily from its previous form and silhouette. The new residence embraces the overall design of the earlier house and you can see a certain midcentury modern flavor to it despite a clear contemporary style. With a stoic steel structure and a roof crafted using Cross Laminated Timber panels, this lovely house reinvents the past in its own special way! Read More

Manor House: Spectacular Hampshire Residence With A Dashing New Interior

The Manor House in Hampshire is a world in itself. With an imposing structure, curated gardens all around it and an interior that combines old world English charm with modern chic and country styles, this impressive residence feels comfortable and breathtaking at the same time! A Thorp Design creation, the new interior of this seemingly regal house is all about blending the old and the new in a balanced and refreshingly innovative fashion. The result is impressive in the way it makes an otherwise overwhelmingly lavish setting seem cozy and even ‘private’. Read More

Harfagar House: Cantilevered Chilean Residence In Steel And Wood

A cantilevered house brings with it a unique set of advantages that homes on raised platforms just cannot offer. For starters, you have a façade that is quite stunning and instantly grabs the attention of anyone walking past the home. Then there is the benefit of finding parking space under the cantilevered top level or; or a sheltered outdoor hangout at the very least. Nestled on an already elevated lot in Centinela Hill, in Matanzas, the Harfagar House in Chile aims to capture the view of distant village of La Boca. With River Rapel meeting the Pacific in this quaint setting, the residence designed by WMR Arquitectos does all it can to capture the beauty of the distant landscape and bring it indoors. Read More