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Modern Addition To Family Residence Also Doubles As A Standalone Home

As with most growing families, the owners of Studio House in Melbourne were struggling to find space and privacy with time. Finding additional space to meet your new needs is often a difficult and challenging task that forces you to think creatively. This is precisely what happens at this exquisite Aussie home as Zen Architects designed an efficient and multi-purpose studio that now sits next to the older residence. The new structure presents a multitude of possibilities and while it is being currently used as an extension of the main house, it can also function as a standalone home with complete ease. Read More

Absolutely Stunning Modern Farmhouse-inspired Residence In Idaho

Modern Farmhouse Style-Clark and Co Homes-07-1 KindesignThis gorgeous modern farmhouse style home called “The Heartland” was designed and built by Clark & Co Homes. located in the Hickories subdivision in Boise, Idaho. This 4,832 square foot home showcases a return to the classic American style, where the family is the heart of the home and true craftsmanship is paramount. This stunner […] Read More