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5 Feng Shui Home Decor Tips For A Peaceful, Prosperous Space

The recent celebration of Chinese New Year ushered in the Year of the Dog. The dog is an animal known for it’s loyalty, faithfulness and, especially, it’s ability to remain perfectly happy and content spending time at home with it’s family. In the spirit of Chinese New Year, here are some ancient Chinese feng shui home tips to help you remain happy and content at home by creating a perfectly peaceful and prosperous space. Read More

Fashion Blogger’s Nursery: Small On Space, Big On Style

It’s natural to wish for a little extra room in your home when faced with the imminent arrival of a new baby. Particularly if it’s your third child. Space and time is at a premium but you still want to create a special space for your much-anticipated little one, just as blogger Jess Dempsey from What Would Karl Do did. Her third son, Freddie, arrived six months ago. Read More

Finding Space For A Multi-Generational Family Home: Hillhurst Laneway House

Demands modern life often mean kids moving away from parents at a very early age and things staying that way for the rest of their lives. Multi-generational homes, once a common sight even in the west, are a rarity. Big city lights, a fast-paced life and globalization have all taken us towards the idea of a nuclear, functional and urban family. But a generation is once again discovering the many joys and benefits of multi-generational homes and the Hillhurst Laneway House in Canada is a perfect example of how you can create one such efficient, economical and contemporary dwelling. Read More