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Inspiring Swedish Apartment Designs With Modern And Space Saving Landscape

These clean and clear urban residence ideas were identical with eco-friendly living concept since almost the entire space of this Swedish apartment was completed with green planters. Started from the living room and continue with other space of this living space our eye will feel calm since the green and fresh atmosphere of the plants. These clean and green penthouse garden layouts were another inspiring transformation that will make us love to stay longer in our own home and enjoy the life. The garden furniture that place in this garden space was make us feel more comfortable and almost every single day we were fall in love with our apartment. These loft bedroom space decorations that were complement the space saving bathroom apartment landscape were look give a huge contribution for this apartment space. We can use other country inspiration if we want to make our apartment space being extraordinary and being the best space for life in this world. Looking down these modern Swedish apartment designs can be started with these inspiring Swedish apartment inspirations.[via] Read More

Saving Floor Space: 10 Stylish DIY Hanging Shelf Ideas

The quest for uncovering more floor space goes on this fall as we feature a series of decorating ideas, wall-mounted décor and DIY ideas that give your home a more spacious vibe. As always, one of the best ways to do this is by thinking vertical and bringing in furniture that relies on walls for support. Hanging shelves surely fit this billing as they replace your more demanding shelving systems with breezy delights that take up absolutely no floor room at all! Things only get better when you craft these space-savvy shelves at home, allowing you to also save some dough. Read More

4 Bathroom Accessories You Need For Your Newly Renovated Space

So now you have your newly renovated bathroom. You’ve put in all the necessities such as the toilet and sink, and the bathtub or shower. But you know you are not yet done, right? Much like when you are preparing for a special occasion, you don’t just put on the clothes you are wearing to wear and leave for the event. You take time to choose what other things you can wear to complete the look. You may put on a watch, a necklace, or the perfect earrings to match your look. You also take time to choose even the bad and shoes before you deem your look complete and leave. Read More