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House Milk BEFORE: Living Space Redesign With Emily Henderson

Yep, I’ve gotten myself into another internet makeover/redesign. Actually this one has been going on behind the scenes for ALMOST A YEAR. This is real life design, not a 2-day TV makeover. Emily Henderson and I got to talking last year about my new house (which isn’t so new anymore). I told her that I brought some pieces to CA, then quickly purchased a few pieces for the space right when we moved in so we could entertain, but I wasn’t happy and needed help. The space is an open floor plan that has both a main living area and dining room. It’s a space that needed both division and cohesion. I’m not a designer, and I have no time (or talent… or vision!) to make this space what it needed to be. Read More

Is Your Bed Space Affecting Your Headspace? Top Tips For A Serene Sanctuary

For many of us, nothing beats climbing into bed at the end of a busy day. Even the thought of lying down and enjoying the peace and tranquillity can power us through a hectic afternoon of meetings. When you step into your bedroom, it should automatically make you feel relaxed. If it doesn’t, and you don’t find the room a calming space, this could impact your headspace and your ability to sleep properly. If your bedroom isn’t quite the serene sanctuary you long for, here are some top tips to help you create a restful haven at home. Read More

Box-Style Events Space With Tiered Seating Defines This Office!

When Cox Architecture decided to build their new office in Melbourne, it was a trip that took them down the less beaten path. Dubbed as ‘Box Office’, the new nerve-center of the company’s operations was built to comfortable accommodate individual working spaces for the 75 employees who specializes in departments varying from model-making and desktop publishing to administrative staff and IT support. There is more though here as a spacious meeting room, conference areas, a kitchen, dining, informal meeting areas and a stunning central ‘events space’ find room inside this ingenious new office. Read More

Exploring New Angles: Tiny Residence In Taipei With A Novel Living Space

We are usually boxed in by classic method to style and this typically indicates the exact same template for a contemporary house is repeated all more than the globe without having thinking about the specific demands of every single site. This contemporary residence in Linkou District, Taipei City moves away from this mundane approach to living area style thanks to the creative folk Alfonso Concepts. The open, minimal and inviting living area of this tiny residence has been divided into two various parts utilizing an internal wall and however one particular space effortlessly flows into the next. Read More