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Alien-Like Planter Lights From Goula / Figuera Studio

You may have been capable to tell that we weren’t totally confident what to contact these. Viride is so special and interesting that we haven’t even gotten a name for them yet. Goula / Figuera Studio, which made Viride, calls it a collection of “experimental luminaries”, which brings with each other two frequent objects identified in homes—artificial lighting and flora. Knowing that oftentimes flora wants organic light to thrive, which is not always available in homes, Goula / Figuera Studio decided to solve that want with a particular style object that not only highlights residence plants, but also guarantees that it gets the lighting it demands. Read More

Tour Time! Step Inside Bluebellgray’s Gorgeous Scottish Studio

Famed for her beautiful watercolour print textiles, Scotland’s Fi Douglas graduated from The Glasgow College of Art in 2005 prior to launching her Bluebellgray brand to much success. A fixture inside the UK department shop stalwart John Lewis, the range is now available at Myer, significantly to the delight of numerous Aussies. Our Jen, for 1, is a massive fan! Read More