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Wilsonart Student Chair Design And Style Competition: CUBE CLASS! Hands On Laminate

We have been covering this year’s Wilsonart Student Chair Design and style Competitors, lead by Grace Jeffers, Style Historian and components specialist. This year, students from San Diego State University (SDSU), below the guidance of professor Matt Hebert, have been designing and developing chairs on the theme of BORDERS / BOUNDARIES / MASHUP. The competitors sponsor, Wilsonart, is asking the students to discover this theme using Wilsonart’s signature laminate materials in their chair designs. Read More

Eco-Style Office Interior Design And Style Project

Traditionally the responses are not unanimous as to no matter whether the workplace interior design and style need to be performed in one particular style. Some businessmen believe that each and every area of the workplace space need to be special and authentic, or it’d be boring and dull. But specialist designers traditionally insist that it’s a golden rule to conform to the united style. Read More

Dreamy Beach Style Cottage Getaway In White Lake, Michigan

beach-style-cottage-francesca-owings-01-1-kindesignThis beautiful beach style cottage developed by Francesca Owings Interior Style offers an upscale loved ones retreat in White Lake, Michigan. The home provides comfy living spaces throughout for both adults and children alike. The interior color palette was inspired by the all-natural beauty of the lake that the property is set subsequent to. The design and style of [&#8230] Read More

Exquisite Modern Bathroom Vanities With Space-Savvy Style

We are constantly on the lookout for approaches in which we can maximize space with no giving up on either style or functionality. When it comes to contemporary bathrooms, it is the vanity and the sink with the mirror above that finish up defining each the aesthetics of the space and its final style. The floating vanity is undoubtedly the most common option amongst home owners as it allows a single to generate a sense of spaciousness visually without having sacrificing practicality. But what if you could take this space-savvy goodness a notch greater with corner vanities and smart décor that revamp your bathroom with a dash of panache? Read More