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Adding Concrete To The Bathroom In Style: Modern Minimalism Unleashed!

We do get quickly bored with more of the same; not just as a set of individuals, but as a collective group of people. This is probably what drives our spirit to try out new things and keeps the trends chart alive and kicking at all times. Of course, trying out new materials in your home is a tricky and even risky affair. It is not for those with commitment issues when it comes to decorating their home. But for the confident few who wish to give the trendy new finish in town a shot, concrete is undoubtedly the way forward! Nothing revolutionary and yet delightfully fresh, exposed concrete finishes are once again ‘cool’! Read More

European Style Home In Texas With A Mid-century Modern Twist

european-style-exteriorThis European style home was originally built in 1999 by Dalgleish Construction, offering breathtaking views of downtown Austin, Texas. Nestled in the Austin neighborhood of Stratford Hills, this beautiful home underwent a complete interior renovation over the coarse of two years. Working on this project was the builders who originally designed this home, interiors studio Mark […] Read More

Eco-Friendly AQuest Headquarters In Italy Saves Energy In Scintillating Style

Going green is not just a trend; it is a way of life and a commitment towards making the planet that little bit better for everyone around us as well! AQuest – the award-winning digital creative agency, has decided to take a giant step down this path with their new headquarters in the town of San Giovanni Lupatoto, Verona, Italy with a design that is both aesthetic and planet-friendly. Eco-sensitive both in its build and in its function, the headquarters easily accommodates the 70 employees of the company at the moment and there seems to be plenty of space for future growth as well. Stoic on the outside and clad in white, a tour inside this masterpiece will leave you feeling much better indeed. Read More

Space-Savvy And In Some Style: Trendy Decor Finds For The Small Home Office

The idea of a home office or home workspace where one spent considerable amount of time was a rarity not too long ago. But technology and changing lifestyles have completely altered the way homeowners look at home workspaces and today many are even willing to sacrifice a formal dining area or addition bedroom to accommodate a home office. As always, space becomes the key constraint when most of us start planning for a home office. From tiny corners in bedrooms and kitchen to multi-purpose rooms that can be used as workspaces, guest rooms and kids’ playrooms, there are plenty of ways in which we work around the spatial conundrum. Read More