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5 Tips To Heat-Proofing Your Dining Table

Your dining table is practically one of the most elegant and impressive pieces of furniture you have in your house. Placing hot utensils or substances on it could potentially damage and leave unpleasant heat marks on it which in turn, leaves it with an ugly unattractive look, depriving it of its elegance and shine. Read More

Futuristic Retro Table Lamp Designs With Cute Lighting Fixtures Ideas

Welcome to futuristic house lighting applications that were completed with so many inspiring and applicative lighting fixtures for our home. The unique design of this lamp was indicate not only modern style but also the gorgeous layouts of a home lamp application. Actually, it was the best gift for us and for those who state as future lover. We can show our modern character through have one of these lighting fixtures lamps. The main design concept of this lamp was for table lamp so that the design of this lamp was simple, chic, and small. Say for example was this small blue table lamp color scheme that identify such as satellite for our TV cable. The unique design of these lamps was completed with functional application too so we don’t have to be worry if we want to have it. We will get more than one function of this lighting fixture. Want to show our modern character? These cute home lighting fixtures designs were the answer. So, let’s start to have one of these white retro table lamp ideas.[via] Read More

4 Ideas For Easter Table Settings In Different Styles

Easter is a great holiday and a perfect reason to get your family, friends and beloved around the table. Ideally, not just the meals and the conversation should be nice – table decoration is also quite important in setting the right mood and making this day very special. We chose 4 fresh Easter table decoration ideas to any taste, scenario and even interior style… Read More

Glamorous Outdoor Table And Weather-Resistant Chairs Create A Trendy Hangout

The chilly paws of winter are just starting to loosen their grip and in some parts of the world, you can already see the early shoots of spring. This obviously means spending more times outdoors and once again making the most of our small backyard, the poolside deck or that lovely balcony with a wonderful view at a distance. For that you need much more than just a lovely outdoor space to enjoy – you need the right décor which crafts and completes a perfect hangout. And providing you with a couple of awesome options in this regard is once again Tribù; and as always you get a fabulous blend of luxury and durability. Read More

The Offset Table Is Divided In Half For Added Workspace Functionality

With more companies going for open concept workspaces, tables and desks with added functionality make more sense when it comes to accommodating new employees and their needs. The Offset Table, designed by Tomás Alonso for Maxdesign, is flexible and customizable with a split work surface that allows for cable management, as well as accessories, like lamps and dividers. Read More