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A Llama Candy Table And Kids Party Ideas

Cactus and llama pillow decor was created by hand by Flabbergasted designs who is also a sponsor in our Llama Drama hamper give-away this month. Photographer: Andelle Schenach Photography. This cute outfit was designed by Marlize Meeding clothing. Party Decor and planning was done by Just Bee-coz Creations. Read More

Modern Funky Occasional Coffee Table Designs

One of these funky home furniture plans will help us to welcome and serve our guest in our living room. Actually, not only for our living room we can place this stylish desk. We can place this round table in our terrace space or in our family room. The beneficial thing that we were getting if we were applying this furniture was the simplicity and the trendy look of this furniture. Besides that, the portable and spacious thought of this furniture also will make us feel such as satisfy to apply on. If we were looking out the design of this living room furniture correctly, we will see the integration of more than one table in one furniture plans. Through looking up the entire performance of this table, now we were already ready to fight up the modern and futuristic style of the home. The minimalist occasional coffee table ideas of this table can be seen through the design of this table itself. We will see the spacious thin table with multicolored plans. Those ideas were try to balance the functional and simplicity thought of the desk. As the totally inspiration, now we can see these modern occasional table designs.[via] Read More

Priceless Ornamental Infernal Coffee Table Designs

Started with these ornamental table design pictures, here we can see the complete inspiration of infernal furniture that come from the animal leather and the gorgeous color of the animal skin. Perfectly, the designer was didn’t change the pattern of the leather and we can see the real pattern of the animal skin here. Actually, the designer was use the artificial leather and combine with the imitation rug so that we don’t have to be worry if we were apply one of these priceless home furniture plans since we don’t hurt the animal. Especially for this page, we will see the gothic infernal coffee table layouts that will complete our living room or our terrace space if we want. We don’t have to be worry on how to taking care of these creative coffee table inspirations since the thing that we have to do if we were apply this furniture was always keep the table top being dry and polish with the special liquid for leather. Need an extraordinary furniture inspiration? Look at these extraordinary infernal furniture ideas and we will know the total perfect coffee table inspiration in artistic internal coffee table designs.[via] Read More

5 Tips To Heat-Proofing Your Dining Table

Your dining table is practically one of the most elegant and impressive pieces of furniture you have in your house. Placing hot utensils or substances on it could potentially damage and leave unpleasant heat marks on it which in turn, leaves it with an ugly unattractive look, depriving it of its elegance and shine. Read More

Futuristic Retro Table Lamp Designs With Cute Lighting Fixtures Ideas

Welcome to futuristic house lighting applications that were completed with so many inspiring and applicative lighting fixtures for our home. The unique design of this lamp was indicate not only modern style but also the gorgeous layouts of a home lamp application. Actually, it was the best gift for us and for those who state as future lover. We can show our modern character through have one of these lighting fixtures lamps. The main design concept of this lamp was for table lamp so that the design of this lamp was simple, chic, and small. Say for example was this small blue table lamp color scheme that identify such as satellite for our TV cable. The unique design of these lamps was completed with functional application too so we don’t have to be worry if we want to have it. We will get more than one function of this lighting fixture. Want to show our modern character? These cute home lighting fixtures designs were the answer. So, let’s start to have one of these white retro table lamp ideas.[via] Read More