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12 Best Ways To Decorate A Coffee Table

With the right elements, your coffee table can become the ultimate focal point in your living room. In essence, your coffee table is the main attraction of your living room because it will determine what decorating pieces work best around it. Although the traditional display of books, flowers, and/or different trays will always be an excellent option. Getting creative, with your layout is another excellent opportunity to have your personality on display. The following creative ideas will give you a new perspective on decorating your coffee table while providing a new flair on the traditional decorative items. Read More

15 Super Cool Lamps That Will Amp Up Your Side Table Style

From the living room to the nightstands in the bedroom, some extra lighting is key to a rounded out and functional space. But that doesn’t mean that necessity inside those areas needs to be boring. Instead, check out these 15 super cool lamps that will amp up your side table style by just adding it to the scene. Our favorites our below, let us know which one strikes your fancy! Read More

From Place Settings To Serveware: Top Finds For The Perfect Thanksgiving Table

One of our first memories of Thanksgiving is undoubtedly centered round the Thanksgiving dinner. It has its pleasant moments, its awkward ones and one that are plain forgettable. Yet as years pass on, the tradition becomes more important and we grow to love even the awkward silences and accept the boring with the good. And at the heart of every great Thanksgiving celebration is the Thanksgiving table – an entity that demands plenty of attention and care. Even if you plan to invite just a couple of friends and family members, you eventually end up doing the whole gig in the best way possible because the occasion is such. Read More

5 Ways To Incorporate A Spyder Table From Cattelan Italia In Your Home

The Spyder Table from Cattelan Italia is an amazingly versatile piece of furniture. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, this piece can be used in many ways within your home. Inspired by the shape of a spider, its feet offer a compelling structural form that is sure to be a great conversation piece. This is an ingenious contemporary piece of furniture that is setting new standards in sleek and sophisticated style. Read More