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Try This Fennel And Grapefruit Summer Salad Recipe

Fennel and Grapefruit summer salad recipe

Yay for warmer days and delicious food… Time to whip out a delicious summer salad recipe to entertain friends and family for a delicious lunch. This is also a great salad to serve at a braai or light dinner. Grapefruit is a fruit that is in season in South Africa during the Spring season. These […] Read More

This Posh Austin Condo Features A Dining Table That Morphs Into Pool Table!

Built to cater to the specific needs of a family of four, W Residence in Downtown Austin is unique in more ways than one. A dashing, dynamic and custom interior crafted by Christopher Sanders of Sanders Architecture with the help of Cravotta Interiors, this exquisite 3,150-square foot condo is now home to a family who previously enjoyed the tranquility and easy-paced life of suburban Austin. The move to a more bustling, urban neighborhood meant that the new interior needed to be a calming and convenient refuge that took them away from the constant rush of city life even while showcasing the glittering skyline of Austin! Read More

Download This Free Fox Chore Chart

Chore chart in fox design

Although I don’t have children myself yet, I remember very well how my wonderful mom had her hands full with me and my two siblings. When you’re young and it comes to doing chores, you have the attention span of a goldfish – there’s always something soo much more important to do! Download this totally […] Read More

Guide On How To Decorate Your Patio This Fall

It is again the time of year when the seasons start changing. The weather cools down and leaves start to turn colour. Fall is in the air, which means that you get to redecorate for the new season! Fall means that you can experiment with warm colours that match the brilliant leaves in the trees. Redecorating your patio for fall is especially important because it is the place where you will be entertaining, and the area that is visible to the general public. Having it look nice for the fall should be the next step on your list of to-dos! We have a short guide on decorating tips, so hopefully they will be helpful to you! Read More

Spectacular Halloween DéCor You Need This Fall

Halloween: the holiday where everything orange and black takes center stage when it comes to home décor.  Every holiday we always want to add some sort of décor that screams that we are in the holiday spirit. Despite being a favorite holiday for kids and most adults Halloween can be a bit demanding when it comes to décor. Read More