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Garden Lighting Ideas: This Is What Pros Do

Coming up with creative garden lighting ideas allows you to set the mood for your living areas, define your garden areas, and make pathways lighter and therefore safer. There is a wide range of commercial lighting options, or you can let your imagination create the light.   6 Garden Lighting Ideas Stolen From The Pros!… Read More

10 Ways To Decorate Your Porch This Summer

Time to create new memories outdoors. What better way to do just that than to sit on your porch and entertain new guests or spend time alone enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you want to entertain or spend time alone, you want to decorate your porch to make it as comfortable as possible. Here are a few ways you can do just that in the most-summery way. Read More

Succulents, Wishing Trees, & A Zither At This Modern Art Gallery Wedding

Succulents, wishing trees, & a zither at this California wedding Photos by Chloe Jackman Photography

Joanne and Shandra’s brunch wedding at an art gallery was full of sweet and emotional moments, a ring dog, cultural touches, and adorable brunch bites. Their decor was a perfect match for the art gallery wedding, including a wishing tree, their answer to a guestbook where guests could hang handwritten cards with advice and well-wishes. Read More

Spacious Home Office Addition Transforms This Texas Home Next To A Creek

A home office is increasingly becoming a must in modern homes and the dedicated, formal dining room is making way for it with open plan living areas containing a smaller, casual dining area. Of course, for homes without a workspace, adding one takes a variety of forms. Some might want just a casual little work area in the corner of the bedroom while others might prefer a more organized, specific room that accommodates beyond just an individual or two. Designed by Matt Fajkus Architecture, the home office addition to this Texas home takes the latter path with a brand new studio that is connected with the backyard and adds to the appeal of the existing residence. Read More

50 Wedding Entrance Songs To Get This Party Started

So you’ve gotten to the actually fun part of wedding planning, and you’re getting ready to pick one of the great wedding entrance songs. This is the song that will play while you and your brand-new spouse will walk into the wedding reception. You may also be picking a wedding party entrance song, and have your favorite people walk in to their own piece of music. (Though you can all walk in to one song, if you want to keep things short and sweet, or don’t want to do a crazy DJ fade between songs.) Read More