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Mirrored Furniture: Useful Tips And 30 Ideas

Owners of small homes struggle for the expansion of space and steadily work on new solutions that might make their apartments appear bigger and more inviting at least visually. One of the powerful tools in this difficult task is mirrored furniture – one of the top trends in interior design. What is it, why may you need it and where it can be put? Let’s find answers to these questions together. Read More

4 Tips To Building A Custom Luxury Home Cinema That You Can Afford

It is amazing the lengths that homeowners will go through in order to increase their comfort and entertain their friends. And a custom home cinema is the ultimate in this kind of luxury. Apart from that, it is the easiest way to increase your home’s value in the long run while providing great entertainment options for your friends and family. Read More

7 Tips To Style Your Instagram Photos Like A Pro

Instagram can be one of the most important social media platforms for your interior design business. So if you haven’t started to use it yet you are losing lots of opportunities. However to create a beautiful and engaging content is not as easy as it might seem. There are so many interesting accounts out there so it is really hard to stand out among them. The only way to do it is to constantly improve your photography and styling skills, learn about hashtags and dedicate lots of time to promote your account. I will write another post soon focused more on how to get new followers, more likes and comments on your posts while today this article is about making beautiful and stylish photos for your Instagram feed. Read More

Move Over Red And Green: Tips On Choosing A New Holiday Colour Scheme

There’s no question that the go-to holiday colour scheme is red and green, which is why after so many years of decorating with the same ho-hum chachkies you’re ready to mix it up. There are a number of beautiful colour combinations that can make your home feel festive and fun, but choosing those combinations can be tricky. Read More

Tips To Organize Your Garage Before Holidays

It’s almost the holidays and you are probably preparing your house before the family comes to celebrate the festivities. Since the weather is also colder, you’re probably thinking that it’s time to put the car and the bikes back into the garage for storage. Read More