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Video Tutorial: How To Develop A Fabulous Gallery Wall

We brought you the new Hunting for George print range and custom frames lately, and the accompanying imagery supplied a lot of gallery wall inspiration (see below). And whilst hanging a gallery wall is not the easiest factor to master, when you do, the final results can be amazing. It&#8217s also a fabulous, cost-effective alternative to larger prints or pieces of art and a wonderful way to show off your personal exclusive curation of individual photographs and prints. Read More

WallArt: Eco-Friendly 3D Wall Panels Created From Bagasse

You have to have noticed that in the globe of contemporary interior design flat and nondescript surfaces are becoming gradually substituted with volume and texture. Far more and much more frequently, when a space requirements some form and dynamics interior designers resort to 3D wall panels. Their textured, three-dimensional appear is chic, original and creative. And when coupled with a touch of color and made of one hundred% eco-friendly biodegradable material, they grow to be a true catch. Read More