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How To Stencil A Wall? A Step By Step DIY Guide

Stencilling - A step by Step guide with Earthern Mosaics

Ever wondered how to stencil a wall without making a huge mess? Kim Green from Earthly Mosaics submitted this really nice step by step DIY guide that will assist any level of DIY enthusiast from beginner to expert with stencilling. Earthly Mosaics manufactures amazing wall stencils for painting with Moroccan designs, Moroccan concrete tiles and […] Read More

Modern Extended Original Wall Shelving Designs With Practical Blue Color Scheme

Catch up these extended blue shelving ideas with the concept of both minimalist and modern thought. Clearly, the landscape view of this home appliance was using the thought of simplest thought. Just such as usual storage system with blue color scheme. If we were look out the design of this wall shelving, we will see the smart application of home accessory also. The rectangle shape of this wall shelf will make us easy to store our stuff. The design of this storage was very dynamic. We can see directly through this site that there were the minimalist original wall decals with limited space and several of the storage system was use huge size. Both of huge and small size of this blue storage was integrate and complete one and other. Directly, we can put our own stuff inside of this close wall storage. The practical home appliance layouts of these wall decals completely can be seen through this real modern wall shelving designs landscape.[via] Read More

Wall Hangings To Support The Yazidi Refugees

After studying a Bachelor of Commerce, Sydney local Anika Patel decided to take a gap year during which she found herself volunteering in a refugee camp in northern Greece. It was there that she came across a talented group of Yazidi women, and began thinking about ways in which she could distribute their beautiful wall hangings. Read More