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Why Wall Art Matters

When it comes to interior design, we often see wall art treated as an afterthought.  In some cases, artwork gets dealt with last, long after your final coat of paint has finished drying on the walls and you have chosen all of your new furniture. Read More

Hot Trend: Our Top 10 Wall Hooks

Once the understudy, the latest wall hooks have moved beyond pure utilitarianism to become the star of the interior show. A hot interior trend for 2018, the latest decorative wall hooks are both pretty and practical and grouped artfully together can pack a visual punch too. Read More

Artistic Google Wall Art Contest

These entire artistic Google logo designs were release one year ago but still can be seen until today. This page was show the biggest search engine in this world with various versions. There was the wall art style with painting application as the main point. One of these wall art was use the thought of collecting photograph and the landscape that we will see was the combination between more than one photos in one space. The unique work art designs ideas in this page was uses as the contribution for the society to say thankful for this search engine. The combination of Lego toys was one of the high creations of this wall art. Even the view of these wall art was quite different but the theme and color scheme of Google word was same. They were similar one and other. The result of this creative Google wall art contest can be seen in huge Google exhibition and we can vote for the best one based on our scoring. Want to know the whole Google wall art creation? Let’s check these innovative Google wall art plans out.[via] Read More