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Artistic Google Wall Art Contest

These entire artistic Google logo designs were release one year ago but still can be seen until today. This page was show the biggest search engine in this world with various versions. There was the wall art style with painting application as the main point. One of these wall art was use the thought of collecting photograph and the landscape that we will see was the combination between more than one photos in one space. The unique work art designs ideas in this page was uses as the contribution for the society to say thankful for this search engine. The combination of Lego toys was one of the high creations of this wall art. Even the view of these wall art was quite different but the theme and color scheme of Google word was same. They were similar one and other. The result of this creative Google wall art contest can be seen in huge Google exhibition and we can vote for the best one based on our scoring. Want to know the whole Google wall art creation? Let’s check these innovative Google wall art plans out.[via] Read More

Crafting Time: 11 DIY Wall Clocks That Steal The Spotlight

There are plenty of things we worry about when it comes to decorating our home. Color scheme, accent additions, décor choices, accessories, drapes – it is all about creating a comfortable and picture-perfect home. Of course, there are times when easily look past the little details as we fixate on the large aspects of interior design. One such key aspect is undoubtedly clocks. They seem like such an organic part of our homes. They are just there, constantly on the move; never ever demanding too much even as rest of the room gets a fresh upgrade over time. The faithful clock keeps going and you only realize its true value when you stay at a hotel and look around to not find one conveniently telling you what time it is! Read More

Expressive Wall Sticker Designs In Creative Inspirations

One of these modern house accessory ideas were indicate a high creativity of humankind and the expressive creation of the home space application especially for the wall space. Directly through this page we can see the dynamic design of the wall sticker included with the real character of the features of this wall sticker concept. Say for example was the animal features of the wall sticker and the designer of this sticker was designed the animal features looks like with the real character of the animal. Probably these innovative wall decals inspirations that use cartoon character as the main inspiration will be suitable for our kid’s room or for our family room. We can maximize the appearance of our wall space with this application and we can allow our kids to express their personality through this application. Have one of these expressive wall sticker applications were not a crime and start from today we can give the best furnishing for our kids and our home through these creative wall sticker designs.[via] Read More

A Photo Hanger Is A Great Photo Wall Alternative

Photo hanger DIY tutorial

If you have a rental unit or do not have enough wall space for a photo wall a photo hanger is a great alternative. You just have to visit Pinterest to sumble accross an array of interesting photo display ideas but this one has to be one of my favourites. Photographs are a great way […] Read More