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Strange Days By Bec Brittain With Material Lust And Alex P. White

Strange Days is an installation curated by New York-based designer Bec Brittain featuring Material Lust and Alex P. White. The collaborative show displays unusual and idiosyncratic pieces in a comfortable and familiar manner, transforming the objects into luxurious delicacies when viewed as a whole. Read More

It Black And White One-Bedroom Apartment

Black and White One-Bedroom Apartment

Let’;s talk about “it”. “It” is the ability to make perfection look effortless. Greg Natale definitely has “it”. His rooms are designed with such sureness that they look as if they were always meant to be.’; – Jonathan Adler

The brief for this one-bedroom apartment, only 46 square metres, was to modernise the living areas and create a big impact despite its limited size.

Smaller pieces of furniture have been chosen for their unobtrusive silhouettes, such as a sofa with narrow arms and legs, a low coffee table and stools, transparent dining chairs and petite, single-drawer bedside tables. Devices such as diagonal wallpaper and portrait photos visually heighten the walls and add drama.

Against the black and white palette, washes of grey and the occasional punch of vivid blue ensure the effect is bold and cohesive without appearing crowded.

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Luxurious White New York City Wedding At The Mandarin Oriental

A Galia Lahav wedding gown, the Mandarin Oriental dripping with luxe white florals by Tantawan Bloom and Brian Hatton behind the lens? You already know how fabulous this wedding is. From the bride’s stunning diamonds (we literally can’t stop staring) to the orchid floral designs, every single detail of this New York City wedding exudes glamour with a timeless essence. See the stunning moments captured to perfect by Brian Hatton Photography. Read More

Lorimer Street Townhouse: Light, White And Modern Industrial Panache

Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn is home to some of the most gorgeous and authentic townhouses you will ever come across and each one of them has a story to tell. With changing times, needs and aesthetics, homeowners are increasingly turning towards smart renovations to give these classic townhouses a modern sheen. The fabulous Lorimer Street Townhouse showcases one such beautiful transformation as an old and dark three-story townhouse was turned into a light-filled, inviting home by Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design. The new loft-like interior combines industrial elements with contemporary sheen to deliver the best of both worlds. Read More