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Dreamy Beach Style Cottage Getaway In White Lake, Michigan

beach-style-cottage-francesca-owings-01-1-kindesignThis beautiful beach style cottage developed by Francesca Owings Interior Style offers an upscale loved ones retreat in White Lake, Michigan. The home provides comfy living spaces throughout for both adults and children alike. The interior color palette was inspired by the all-natural beauty of the lake that the property is set subsequent to. The design and style of [&#8230] Read More

White Romantic Dream Apartment For Three Girls

A family members of three – a mother and her two daughters (18 and 9 years old) – dreamed about an interior that would usually feel warm and cozy. And of course it had to function maximum storage zones for keeping girlish stuff. Their hearts had been set upon white color palette in its most airy and romantic implementation, rather than Scandinavian ascetics. They voiced their wishes to a pro, who managed to turn their little (54 sq. m.) two-room apartment into a comfortable and beautiful place. Read More