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Elegant Wooden Wall Clock: The Block Clock

Sophisticated wooden wall clock the block clock (1) Read More

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Haoshi Goldfish Clock

haoshi Goldfish Clock Read More

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DIY Contemporary Wall Clock

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Soundfreaq Re-Imagines The Alarm Clock

Are you one particular of those individuals that likes a standard alarm clock/radio but also keeps your telephone within hand’s attain? Soundfreaq has launched the brand new Sound Rise, a clock that brings you all the features of an old-school alarm clock, but updates it for contemporary instances and today’s way of life. Not to mention, they’ve streamlined the look into a compact device that would function on any bedside table. Read More

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Wooden Wall Clock Design

We can not say we’d have the capacity to inform the time with this particular wooden wall clock other than the fixed hrs, however the round form superbly textured reflecting lights and shades is striking ample for making us to appreciate it and share with you its clock notion. It’s a handsome technique to inform time certainly, do not you assume? Uncomplicated, still exceptional in its style and design, this wall-mounted clock envisioned by Thailand primarily based corporation Pana Objects is inspired from the origin of time because the age of sun clock, light and shade, staying an incredible accessory for just about any modern-day household décor, pleasurable to pair with other wooden chic pieces. Made from Marple wood, Shady would produce a excellent statement on the plain-colored wall with its artistic encounter minimize out forming an beautiful pattern of shadows and lights.You may opt for its hand clock colour involving black and white as outlined by your preferences and consider into consideration the truth that just about every piece is exceptional plus the product or service you will obtain may not be identical to your proven picture. wooden wall clock design idea_650x488_ uniquewooden wall clock design idea_650x488_ wall clock design_650x488_ wooden clock design_650x488_ Read More

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Ipno ‘rocking’ Clock

Posted on September 16th, 2013 in Item Design

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Inventive Book Clock Designs With Elegant Style View

Welcome to the world of creativity! These creative book clock design is another style of creativity and the style of youthful spirit. The overall performance of this elegant property accessory landscape is inviting because the material that use to make this stuff is come from the book. There are so several kind of book and style of book that we can use to make this stuff. Almost the whole style of the book will be good for our residence space and it’s not waste time to apply. [by way of] Read More

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A Stitch In Time: The Wonderful Clock That Knits

We could spend hours waxing poetic about the metaphors displayed in right now&#8217s feature, but frankly, we&#8217d just be overstating the apparent.  Leave it to designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen to come up with a creation so symbolic, so special and so&#8230 nicely, strange&#8230 that it doesn&#8217t actually want to be described &#8212 only noticed at a glance to be fully skilled.  In a nutshell, Wilhelmsen&#8217s 365 Knitting Clock is exactly what its name implies: an amazing clock that knits one thing (namely, a scarf) in exactly the span of a year.  &#8221It is knitting 24 hours a day and 1 year at the time, showing the physical representation of time as a inventive and tangible force,&#8221 the designer explains. &#8220Now the previous can be carried out in the future and the upcoming year is hiding in a new spool of thread, nonetheless unknitted.&#8221 And even if that flowery explanation is a bit to deep for your taste, you nonetheless have to admit: this is one cool feat of old-fashioned engineering and imagination blended collectively completely. Want to watch time go by as actually as you possibly can?  Just add yarn. Produced of wood, wool and acrylic glass, the 365 Knitting Clock prototype stands 36 x 15 x 50 cm, while its counterparts, the eight pieces in the restricted edition series of the Grandfather Knitting Clock, stand 45 x 20 x 190 cm. Read More

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Wall Clock – “FreakishCLOCK”

Slices3 Wall Clock FreakishCLOCK
Industrial designer Sabrina Fossi advocates that it is minute variations and particulars that distinguish objects. This strategy enables sharp and innovative designs: her FreakishCLOCK is certainly a outstanding solution. The young designer’s purpose is to minimalize the time idea.

IMG 8808 4 Wall Clock FreakishCLOCK
IMG 8804 Wall Clock FreakishCLOCK
IMG 8802 4 Wall Clock FreakishCLOCK
IMG 8771 1 Wall Clock FreakishCLOCK
IMG 8750 2 Wall Clock FreakishCLOCK
IMG 8739 2 Wall Clock FreakishCLOCK
IMG 8712 1 Wall Clock FreakishCLOCK
IMG 8677 4 Wall Clock FreakishCLOCK Read More

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Geometric Minimalism: The Fascinating 3P Clock By Robocut Studio

3P Clock Geometric Minimalism: The Fascinating 3P Clock by Robocut StudioHere at Freshome we like discovering new approaches to innovate the home you live in. From elegant components of décor to exciting or uncommon products, we bring the very best residence accessories and break you in on them. 3P Clock, for instance, caught our consideration with its clever twist on time-telling. We&#8217ve found it on yankodesign and we decided to share it with you also, dear readers. You will be tempted to say that &#8220time is merely an illusion&#8221  soon after obtaining a greater understanding of what 3P is all about. 3P stands for 3 vanishing points.  The clock looks like a cube but in impact it&#8217s a hexagon-shaped decorative item featuring a cherry wood finish. Producing the illusion of a 3D cube, 3P fits the style of these who relish minimalism. Read More

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Black Is Gorgeous: Vitra Nelson Clocks, Reissued

vitra-nelson-sunflower-clock-black-edition-01_zoomAnyone inclined to yawn at the announcement of yet one more reissue of a Mid-Century icon need to have only look at the most current iterations of the Sunflower and Sunburst clocks, developed by George Nelson in the 1940s and 1950s, and presented by Vitra at this year&#8217s Milan Furnishings Fair. Recasting the two most dynamic of Nelson&#8217s wood and metal clock designs in dramatic black (and hints of gold) could be a prime example of how to shine an admiring new spotlight on all-also-familiar emblems of Modernism&#8217s golden age. Nelson, we suspect, would have authorized. Read More

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A New Clock Assists You Remember Treasured Moments

monom and IMG SRC have joined collectively to develop a new clock that not only tells time, but also shows your most valuable memories. Shaped like a tiny residence, the center of the clock displays a slideshow of photographs uploaded by the user. Read More

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Difficult Time Measurement: Inspiring Wall Clock Collection By ArhiDOT

design modern wall clock duchess Challenging Time Measurement: Inspiring Wall Clock Collection by arhiDOTDana and Vlad Bostina from Bucharest-primarily based arhiDOT design studio sent us photos and information with regards to their inspiring wall clock collection entitled no time. Each and every of the models below comes with its own story, meant to echo the personality of its future user. The inventive products can complement an interior with a personality or become the essential to a achieving a distinct vibe in a space. Read More

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Blub Uno: A Clock You’ll In No Way Want To Cease Checking

Rather than a job that’s borne out of want, checking the clock becomes a pleasurable task that happens simply because properly, you merely want to. Read More

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Maison Et Objet Preview: Rocking Clock By Alessandro Zambelli

4-1Alessandro Zambelli has deisgned a &#8216rocking&#8217 clock for Italian brand Diamantini &amp Domeniconi that tends to make its debut at Maison et Objet in Paris later this week. Ipno, named for Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep, has an internal pendulum that moves back and forth to maintain the clock, with its curved base, in perpetual &#8216rocking&#8217 motion. Ipno is accessible in birch—in either a all-natural finish or painted colour options—mahogany or walnut. Read More

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Ipno ‘rocking’ Clock By Alessandro Zambelli For Diamantini & Domeniconi

The god Somnus strikes Palinurus on the temples with a branch dipped in the ‘dew of Lethe,’ and Aeneas’ helmsman falls asleep. Recognized in Greek as Hypnos, the god of sleep glides down from the heavenly locations in a swirl of dark air which dispels the shadows. Then, according to Virgil, 1 of the wonderful poets of antiquity, he soars up and vanishes into the night. Read More

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Maison Et Objet: DINN Musical Clock By Alessandro Zambelli

QSWZkGrO6YVDY4t71l0ro9ZIK55rwV33CB9ybQ56Y-cClassical music fans, listen up. Designer Alessandro Zambelli is introducing a whimsical clock at this month&#8217s Maison et Objet in Paris that requires its inspiration from Italian composer Niccolò Paganini&#8216s Violin Concerto No. 2 in B Minor. Zambelli&#8217s DINN is a &#8216musical clock&#8217 primarily based on La Campanella (The Little Bell), Paganini&#8217s renowned 1828 composition in which the orchestra&#8217s hand bell plays a important function. Read More

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Kangaroo By David Raffoul For Fabrica

David Raffoul has made Kangaroo, a clock with a pocket for Fabrica. This clock is a three dimensional image of the pocket of a Kangaroo. It involves an action, which is to leave a secret message inside the pocket. The shape of the piece is conceived with an organic strategy that engages the receiver. Read More

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Clock Tower Penthouse In Brooklyn Stuns With Timeless Views Of NYC Skyline

The iconic New York City skyline is naturally 1 of the most recognizable sights on the planet. The glittering lights and the never ever-ending rush give it its distinct and inimitable appear. Read More

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A Superb Collection Of Furnishings From Studio Job

1-a-excellent-collection-of-furniture-from-studio-job Read More

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The Orbits Clock

Posted on January 3, 2015 by catcat Read More

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5 Modern Wall Clock Designs

A household will not be finish devoid of a clock and also a attractive clock in the household will enrich the attractiveness with the area. We assume it is seriously pleasurable to search out new and attractive strategies of clock models. Assume outdoors with the box and consider how your house interior will seem like with one particular of those modern-day clocks featuring this kind of exceptional and artistic models. Currently, we demonstrate you some attractive clocks generated by Italian corporation Diamantini & Domeniconi which for over 40 years it has been assuring the quality of them 100% made in Italy, combining the use of industrial technology and the typical “know how” with the hand-crafted production. Available in multiple sizes and colours, these clock features minimalist, modern-day and exceptional models made to wow your colleagues and friends. While fulfilling a practical purpose of kipping you on time, the Diamantini & Domeniconi logo incorporated in their models mark the modern-day clocks as a truly designer pieces. The artistic staff with the Trend Forum at Light Building has selected the pitchers Hidria, the Cucubo, and Plex led Coco to set up the display of trends in the central hall with the International Fair of Lighting, held in Frankfurt April 15 to 20. The collections Diamantini & Domeniconi confirm a point of reference for international trend-hunters. 1. Catino – designer Lorenzo Damiani (2011) Wall clock made of plastic material as the only distinctive element that uses a concave bowl with accentuated color, simplicity and humor are the key words of a project born from the analysis of existence and its possible transformations. Catino-clock - colorful wall clock design_598x868_ Catino-clock design colorful wall clock design_579x868_ 2. Tablito e Tablita – designer Enrico Azzimonti (2011) A small blackboard clock with chalk you can hang on the wall or on the fridge in the kitchen or anywhere you like. This solid clock is made of wood with a blank chalkboard face that lets you tell the time according to your creativity. Tablito change with your feelings. It can be personalized by leaving messages or drawing anything you want, even adding smiley faces. Leave the face blank for a minimalist look. Tablito-wallclock_635x868_ Tablito-apertura_579x868_ 3. Chalet – design Studio Interno (2011) Wall clock which take the classic idea of the Swiss house reinterpreted in a modern style. Chalet-wallclock3_579x868_ Chalet-wallclock2_650x868_ 4. Tic – designer Enrico Azzimonti (2011) A clock like no other! Involve the whole family or office in the personalization of your timepiece with this versatile modern clock. It features a magnetic circle and a collection of wooden shapes combined and ungrouped which you can put in line or in scattered to create whatever decoration you want. You can use Tic wall clock to leave messages, attach photos or other papers with the magnets. Free your imagination and give shape to your thoughts with this fantastic clock. TIC-creative-wallclock_650x782_ TIC-modern-creative-wallclock_647x868_ 5. Plex Led – design Studio Interno (2011) Plex Led of minimal inspiration have its hands located under the plexiglass dial and small pedestals which make the clock an original table clock. The clear methacrylate can be matched to the different lacquered versions of the frames. It is also available a version with Opaline plexiglass dial with white frame. Inside the clock there is the particular technology of LED-light, making a soft lighting, powered by a socket. Its bright colors create a great contrast with the classic white face and turns it into a fashionable decor item suitable for the home, office or small commercial location. Plex-colorful-clock designs (2)_650x612_ Plex-colorful-clock designs_650x767_ Read More

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New Cool House Products – Part 2

1) T-Laundry Bag : Collect your laundry with style and save space. T-shirt shaped laundry bag.  Hang it on your wall or in your closet and take it with you on your travels.Price \$30 Read More

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New Cool Residence Products – Component 2

1) T-Laundry Bag : Gather your laundry with style and save space. T-shirt shaped laundry bag.  Hang it on your wall or in your closet and take it with you on your travels.Price \$30 Read More

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