30+ Save The Date Tips (And Etiquette!)


So you are attempting to figure out save the date tips. Must you have them? When need to you send them? Ought to they be paper or magnets or some thing crazy like a puzzle? Need to you call them STDs? (The answer to the last question is often a resounding no.) So right here is the deal with save the dates:

Save The Date Etiquette

Save the dates are fairly recent inventions in the world of weddings. (Probabilities are, if you ask your grandma if she had them, she’ll just look confused.) But as families and buddies have gotten more geographically dispersed, weddings have become more of a destination event for numerous of the players. As such, it is become widespread to let individuals know that they ought to, well, save the date. Sadly (or luckily?) the newness of the phenomenon also signifies that there is not a lot of set etiquette. That indicates A) to some extent you can do what you want (yay!), and B) there are not super clear guidelines to stick to (boo!). So as somebody who’s been knee-deep in weddings for a decade, let me give you some simple guidelines possibly worth following.

  • Save the dates are not mandatory, which signifies you need to send them if you consider it will be genuinely useful (or when you really just want an excuse for a lot more fairly paper goods). Save the date ideas can be anything from letterpressed cards that match your invitation suite, to magnets, to emails… to text messages, because why not?
  • Hold in mind that save the dates have a way of locking you into a guest list far in advance of the wedding. That signifies if you run out of space at your venue, or you get in a fight with a person, you’re in the position of UN-inviting them from your wedding, which is never ever quite. When this happens, etiquette does not have a lot of a life preserver to throw you, so proceed with caution.
  • When do you send save the dates? Anywhere from 6 months to a year in advance of your wedding, depending how busy your guests are, if it is a vacation, exactly where the wedding is… and your frequent sense.

Beyond that though, the sky is the limit. Which signifies it’s time to have some entertaining. Let’s look at thirty of our favorite save the date concepts (due to the fact DAMN if they haven’t gotten a million occasions much better given that I was organizing my wedding).

our preferred save the date Concepts: flat cards

flat card save the date concept

Genuinely Tropical by Printable Press

printable press flat card save the date

Delicately Framed by Printable Press

flat card save the date thought wedding paper divas

Classic Request by Wedding Paper Divas

flat card save the date from printable press

Twig Initials by Printable Press

save the date concept flat card

We Stated Yes by Wedding Paper Divas

printable press flat card save the date

Branch by Printable Press

editorial save the date from wedding paper divas

Editorial Love by Wedding Paper Divas

flat card save the date concept

Diamond Blossoms by Wedding Paper Divas

watercolor save the date thought from etsy

Watercolor Save the Date by Angelique Ink

our favourite save the date suggestions: letterpress

letterpress save the date concept

Retro Stamp Letterpress by Wolfandink

increasing together letterpress save the date

Growing Together by Minted

botanical letterpress save the date idea

Letterpress Invitation by Fluid Ink


Ribbons by Minted

custom letterpress save the date thought

Custom Letterpress by Letterpress Created

pleased heart save the date idea from minted

Pleased Heart by Minted

minted save the date

Our Initials by Minted

be there save the date from minted

Be There by Minted

save the date tips from etsy

Serenbe Design and style by Chatham and Caron

simple save the date concepts

Charlotte Save the Date by August and White Design and style

tropical save the date notion from etsy

Tropical Save the Date by Fluid Ink Letterpress

our favourite save the date ideas: gold foil

foil save the date concept

Refined Love by Wedding Paper Divas

foil save the date with pink accent

Forever Laced by Wedding Paper Divas

gold foil save the date from etsy

Malibu Save the Date by Chatham and Caron

foil save the date concept

Whimsical Decree by Wedding Paper Divas

gold foil calligraphy save the date

Save the Dates by Handcrafted Occasions

our preferred save the date tips: magnets

magnet save the date concepts

Minimal by Wedding Paper Divas

basic magnet save the date idea

Straightforward Contemporary Save the Date by Dunkirk Designs

save the date idea magnet

Command S by Wedding Paper Divas

save the date magnet from etsy

Save the Date Magnet by Midwest Style

shiny magnet save the date

Festive Date by Wedding Paper Divas

lettered magnet save the date

Lettered Save the Date Magnet by Oak Street Press

our favorite save the date suggestions: e-mail




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