Globes, Library Cards, & Hogwarts Houses: 12 Unconventional Wedding Guestbooks

unconventional wedding guestbooks Instax Mini Album from InstantSnap

If you’;re into the concept of capturing a snapshot of those who attended your wedding, a wedding guestbook is ideal. But you don’;t have to settle for one of those padded, white, crystal-covered books with a feather pen. You can literally have your guests sign anything you want! Or give you advice, participate in an art project, or one of these killer unconventional wedding guestbooks.

We’;re talking Harry Potter houses, book-lovers’; library cards, a chic globe (that I’;d want in my house anyway!), clear acrylic puzzle pieces, and Instax snaps in a cute AF book. The world is your guestbook oyster. Here are some recent I wanted to share…

Library cards

unconventional wedding guestbooks Guestbook Storage Box & Library Pull from smittenpaperboutique

Wishing stones

unconventional wedding guestbooks Wishing Stones from kcrookdesign

Wooden wedding signs

unconventional wedding guestbooks Large Applewood Wedding Sign + Personalized Engraving from

A Hogwarts Print (sign in your house!)

unconventional wedding guestbooks Guests can sign in their house color! Hogwarts House Guestbook Alternative from BeyondWordsBridal

A fandom-themed book

unconventional wedding guest books Tolkien Tree of Gondor guestbook from GaiaArtBooks

A globe guestbook

unconventional wedding guest books Hand Painted Globe Guest Book from

Puzzle guestbooks

unconventional wedding guest books Acrylic puzzle guestbook from Atelier58E
unconventional wedding guest books Papel Picado Wedding Puzzle Guest Book from

Mini envelopes

unconventional wedding guest books Mini envelopes scrapbook from

Watercolor map guestbook

unconventional wedding guest books Watercolor Wedding Map Guest Book from

Fun thumbprints

unconventional wedding guest books Champagne Bottle Thumbprint Guestbook from DarlingtonGuestbooks

Guestbook scrolls

unconventional wedding guest books Wish Box with Wish Scrolls from